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Juniper Island Store Rebuild

Juniper Island Store –Town Hall Meetings and Survey

There are certain places that take on special meaning because of the unique role at the heart of a community’s history. The Juniper Island is one such place. In 2013, a structural engineering assessment indicated that the Juniper Island Store is nearing the end of its current life cycle. To arrive at the best possible solution for the future of this cherished institution we need your feedback.

Please complete the following brief on-line survey before August 15th. Hard copies are available in the Store.


The ASLC Board of Directors also invites all past, current and future members of the Ston(e)y Lake community to participate in Town Hall style meetings to share ideas and brainstorm about the future of the Store building.

Saturday July 12th – 10am – Juniper Island Pavilion

Saturday August 2nd – 1pm – Juniper Island Pavilion